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Here's answers to some of the common questions we receive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's answers to some of the common questions we receive. If you have a question not answered here please contact us today.
Can I see CustomerHarmony NpoMS in action before purchasing?
Of course! In fact, we encourage it. Please schedule a time to get a demo and talk with our sales team to ensure you have all the questions answered you may have.
Are we able to import our membership contact data from other systems?
CustomerHarmony NpoMS has a member import tool with custom profile field mapping allowing you to import pretty much anything you'd like. We'll be glad to assist you along the way too if you need more help.
Can I import giving history for our members from a different provider?

Yep, you sure can.

We track our member involvement preferences with Excel and manually build out a schedule weekly of which member is doing which function. Does your tool allow for a printable .pdf to give our members or physically mail?

Using HarmonyFlo you can easily create schedules based off of dynamic member preferences, including honoring their blackout dates. You can also insert a schedule header and footer, and when pubslishing, create a .pdf to send out. This can also be linked into your main shared calendar so that when someone views say this coming Saturday, they'll see the attached schedule.

What's the cost to use CustomerHarmony's Online Giving & Payment Processing?
CustomerHarmony only charges 0.3% + 30¢ / transaction for any payments processed on our plaform. This gives you access to powerful reporting, batch management to work with in person and online gifts, donor management, tax reciepts and tax statements, and more. Stripe non-profit payment processing rates still apply. As of Jan 2023, Stripe rates are just 0.8% for ACH Debit and 2.2% + 30¢ / transaction for major credit and debit cards, excluding AMEX.
Do you have the option to allow the member to cover the payment processing fees with their donation or gift like some other software that is out there does?
We sure do. When creating your online giving form, you'll have a plethora of settings available, one being to allow the donor to cover the payment processing fees.
How do we get billed? We sure do not want any surprise fees...
Your $49 monthly access fee is setup as a monthly or yearly recurring charge with Stripe when you create your account with us. This ensures your account, and most importantly, your members have ongoing access to maintain engagement and communicate. 

For the additional a la carte charges incurred from the prior month's actual usage (mass mailing, texting, and payment processing), an invoice will be issued at your monthly reset cycle day (when we reset your counters) and are due on receipt. You can monitor your a la carte usage and adjust settings at anytime within your account settings.
I see you offer a first month guarantee. Is this a free trial and if so how does it work?
Pretty simple. You'll sign up for an account, and we'll be in touch asap with your login credentials to get started. During this time we'll help "move you in". We want to ensure you're setup for success so we'll be hand holding you a bit during this time.

We've already seen our competitiors try to match functionality within weeks of us posting announcements about our innovations, so we want to be sure accounts that are created are legit interested organizations and not competitors. Because of this, we do go ahead and charge you for your access fee as it helps weed out the spammers and those that just want to match us automatically. We've also found that organizations who jump on board are ready to start using the system within days and not weeks. Therefore, no reason to limit anything or put you in a 'trial mode'.

We're confident in our system and our support, however, if you decide during your first month that you are not satisifed with our system, we'll refund the monthly or yearly access fee you paid. If you took avantage of the 5% savings by paying yearly, we'll still refund that. We may ask you a few questions just to better our system or processes, but we won't try to sales dance with you, offer you lower costs, etc. 

You'll still be responsible for any charges incurred beyond the access fee for the a la carte items (texting, mass mail, and Stripe payment processing). Those charges, if applicable, will be deducted from your access fee paid amount and if you have a credit, it will be refunded to you. If you still have a balance, an invoice will be generated and sent to you.

Again, our hope is the system works so well and that our partnership will be so strong, we'll be together for years to come!
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