Business Email Marketing

Send mass email to groups or your entire database. Replace your existing service with a simple easy to use system and a single bill.

Best Mass Mail Service Tool for Business

CustomerHarmony provides a simple email marketing and communication software solution for any size business. Use our integrated platform with no 3rd party plugins required. CustomerHarmony is the best choice for any organization looking to grow its online presence and communication outreach.

Easily create html based emails, or choose from our custom templates to send out your next mass email. Great for marketing, weekly bulletins, news, updates, fundraisers, and community engagement.

List Management

Allow members to subscribe to email lists. You can create public and private lists so that you can manage sections of folks and send to them as you see fit. Associate a member, member group, or upload a .csv list, the choice is yours.

Simplified Features without the extra fluff

Preview, Send Test, Send Now, Schedule for later. Using CustomerHarmony mass mail service, you'll not be bombarded with tons of options, settings, marketing tactics, etc. Want to send a quick and easy email, or include an attachment in the send, do so in just a few clicks.

Unsubscribers / CAN-SPAM

We ensure you are CAN-SPAM compliant by allowing folks to unsubscribe from your list, or from all of your sends, on each email. We'll also include your organization's contact info to ensure compliance.

CustomerHarmony ChMS Mass Communication

Mass Communication

Keep your employees and customers connected and engaged.
Online Chat

Simple 1 to 1 or group chat allowing your members to have a digital conversation with each other.

Mass eMail

Send mass email to groups or your entire database with ease. Send now or schedule later. Replace your existing service with a simple easy to use system and a single bill.

Mass TXT / SMS Messaging

Blast out mass text updates to your individual member groups or your entire database. Great for requests, news, or those quick announcements and updates.

Mass Voice All Call

Send automated phone calls of pre-recorded messages to your members.