System Overview Quick Start

System Login

You'll receive an email from our system with your login credentials. You can enter them on this screen. If you have forgotten your username or password you can also request them on this screen. If your account has an invalid login attempt of 5 or more times, our system will send an email to the email address on your user account stating your account has been locked. You must click that link to unlock your account.


The Dashboard is your 'home' of the system. Various widgets tell you important things that you may need to address.

Member Groups

As you are added to groups, this widget will increase showing you the number of groups you are part of. Clicking this widget will allow you to see those groups and access each of them if you'd like. When accessing groups, if you are not a member, a sign up form will be displayed alerting that group leader that you are interested in gaining access to the group. Also, as groups are added the left menu navigation will have additional links display under "Groups" for every 'active' group that's within your account.


This displays the last date and time that you signed into the system. Clicking on this widget will take you to the listing of attendance forms for you to 'check-in' or 'check-out'.

Prayer Wall

This widget displays the current open and publicly viewable prayer requests for your church. Clicking on this widget will route you directly to the Prayer Wall!


This displays how many tasks are assigned to you to complete. Clicking this widget will route you to the "Tasks" area to show you all the tasks that have been assigned to you. These tasks could be from your groups or from admins outside of your groups.

Give Online

This displays a total of how much you have contributed for the current month across any donations, tithes, or manually input batch entries by your office staff. Clicking this widget will route you to the Online Giving area listing all the forms that have been created for Online Giving.


This displays how many notifications that you have been alerted on. The details of those notifications can be seen in the corresponding "My Notifications area on the Dashboard screen below these widgets.

CustomerHarmony Dashboard Widgets

Announcements & News Widget

This displays announcements that your account owner or admins have posted for everyone to see. This is a great way to post important information such as news, a prayer request, etc that everyone needs to see when they login within your account. 

My Notifications Widget

This displays notifications from various locations in the system that have been assigned to you. You can click on the orange trashcan icon on the right to clear the notification, which will also decrease the Open Notifications widget count.

Top Menu Navigation


Toggle Left Menu

Clicking this collapses or expands the left menu for more screen real estate if needed. This is automatically collapsed on mobile devices.


This link will route you to the online chat area. This icon will turn orange when you have an unread message in a chat.


This icon takes you to your Files Manager to see all the files you've uploaded or that have been shared with you throughout the system.


Access the support system by clicking this link.

Your Website

Clicking this link will open up your church website, set by your account owner, in a new window.

Toggle Full Screen

This link will expand your browser into full screen mode (if supported). Useful when wanting to set your view up as a kiosk.


This icon will log you out of the system and clear your session data. 

User Account Management

One of the important items that needs to be addressed in the system overview for any user is that of managing your user profile. Need to update your information or change a password? Click the left menu item "My Account" to reveal the links for managing your user account and your user profile. Your user account contains various fields related to your user account that is required by our system. Your 'user profile' contains data centralized around you used for the online member directory or your account owners and admins.

Read More on User Account & Profile Management Here

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